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  • Kyrsten Kennedy

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    Kyrsten Kennedy

    Kyrsten is currently accepting new clients!

    Hi, this is Kyrsten and her pronouns are she/her/hers. Kyrsten is a counselor in training at The Welcome Project PA Therapy program as she completes her Master’s program internship. 

    She graduated from Montgomery County Community College in 2016 with an Associate’s degree in liberal studies, and from Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2020. Kyrsten is working towards finishing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University in 2024. 

    Prior to joining the Welcome Project Therapy Program, she was a volunteer advocate for survivors of sexual violence. In her downtime, she enjoys reading, writing, and going to the local thrift stores.

    Kyrsten is an ADVOCATE!

    LGBT+ mental health and support have been close to her heart for many years. She is outspoken about the issues the community continues to face, especially our younger community members and discrimination due to harmful legislation cutting gender-affirming services. Her goal through therapy is to provide a safe and open space for queer and trans adolescents where they can be their most authentic selves and get the support we all deserve. 

    Her session fee is $45.

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